This regulation (called further „Regulation”) clarifying in English rules regarding streaming service provided by Galitsyna Art Group Ltd, 590 Kingston Road, SW20 8DN London, Company Number:  12273762, e-mail address: office@galitsyna-show.uk


PPV service – audio-visual media service on request „pay-per-view” (it means the customer is paying to watch a particular content), provided by Galitsyna Art Group Ltd, 590 Kingston Road, SW20 8DN London, Company Number:  12273762 as one-time service, where customer is provided access to coded single Show, streaming live, with use of Equipment.   

Organiser - Galitsyna Art Group Ltd, 590 Kingston Road, SW20 8DN London, Company Number: 12273762

Customer – natural person who uses services of https://online.galitsyna-show.uk/

Show or Event – „live” access to the sport event 

Booking – Customer’s action preceding Authorisation and activation of PPV service, according to the rules described in these Regulation.

Authorisation – Customer’s identification by Galitsyna Art Group Ltd, verification by confirmation of possibility to Charge for the PPV Service, which positive outcome is a condition of using PPV Service. 

Access Period – the time frame from the start of the Show until the end of the Show, in which the Show will be available, with a note, that this period of time can be changed in case of changing the time of the starting and finishing the Show by its creator. 

Charge – a payment from the Customer to the Galitsyna Art Group Ltd , maximum charge £30 (gross), or as the special offer for providing PPV Service, paid according to the rules described in this Regulations. 



The User who has functional equipment with HTML5 technology and Internet access is entitled to use the PPV Service. The transmission is available via PCs, mobile devices and smart TVs with HTML5 support.

The order is placed via the website https://online.galitsyna-show.uk/

In order to use the PPV Service, the User should place an order on the website https://online.galitsyna-show.uk/ and pay via online payments. The order will be processed immediately after paying for the service on the website https://online.galitsyna-show.uk/ The user will receive access to the service via e-mail to the address provided when placing the order. Placing an order means accepting the Regulations which are available on the website https://online.galitsyna-show.uk/

Before ordering the PPV Service, the Subscriber is obliged to read these Regulations available on the website https://online.galitsyna-show.uk/

Ordering the PPV Service is tantamount to accepting the Regulations.

The purchased transmission enables access to the entire event transmission service in the PPV system.

When using the PPV Service, there may be short breaks in the image or sound continuity (e.g., jumps, slow image display) caused by interference independent of Galitsyna Art Group Ltd.

The broadcast may be used by Users only for their own personal use within the European Union.

Purchased access can be used on one device at the same time.

Galitsyna Art Group Ltd is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of the PPV Service and for the effects of the User's disclosure of content made available as part of the PPV Service to third parties, including persons minors by not taking appropriate precautions.

The order requires payment. The contract will not be concluded without this obligation.


Charge for the PPV Service is made using the PPV system. The payment is considered the moment the payment is confirmed by the system PPV

Galitsyna Art Group Ltd is not responsible for delays resulting from the payment verification in the system PPV

The User shall not be entitled to a Refund of the Fee in whole or in part in the absence of full access to the Event during the entire Access Period caused by the User's delay in completing the Order.


The PPV service described in these Regulations may not be combined with other services provided on promotional terms Galitsyna Art Group Ltd

The regulations are available on the website https://online.galitsyna-show.uk/ and in the company's headquarters of Galitsyna Art Group Ltd.

Use of the Service is allowed only within the European Union.

These Regulations shall enter into force on the day of purchase. 


The User has the right to complain:

in the event of unavailability of the system https://online.galitsyna-show.uk/ or its failure.

The condition of accepting a complaint is the lack of logging into the system https://online.galitsyna-show.uk/

Complaints shall not be due in the case of short breaks in the image or sound continuity (e.g. jumps, slow image display) caused by interference independent of Galitsyna Art Group Ltd.

Complaints will be considered within 14 days of its submission

Complaints can be submitted at office@galitsyna-show.uk

When the complaint is accepted, the user will receive a refund of the value of the purchased access.




Tetiana Galitsyna’s Visual Art Theatre invites You for a live streaming

The Got Talent Winner, Tetiana Galitsyna has created beautiful art shows dedicated for children and whole families using different techniques such as: sand animation show, light animation show, water art show, star show and combined with live acting.

Together we have prepared for You a collection of timeless stories, fairy tales of our childhood. 

This season You may book:
The Little Prince, The Snow Queen, Cinderella, 

Aladdin, Film Music Concert Show, 

Pope John Paul II - 100th Birthday, Easter Stories,
A Christmas Carol, The Nutcracker.

Book tickets to impress Your pupils, family and experience unforgettable moments together!

How to access stream events?


The stream will be available 40 minutes prior to the events start, please log in earlier, at least 20 minutes before the shows start to test the Internet connection.


Please log in to the transmission 40 mins before it starts. 

To log in use the same email address and password You have created to buy ticket on our website https://online.galitsyna-show.uk/ 

If You forgot the password, you will be able to reset it and create a new one on the date of the show, 40 minutes before the spectacle. 

One code authorizes You to watch the event on one device.

If for any reason you cannot watch the show, the broadcast will be available online to watch again from 9 pm until midnight the next day after the streaming. 

In order to log in again, use Your email and password, however please remember that logging in will only be possible on the device on which you logged in previously.


If you have any questions regarding Sand Theatre or issues with connection? Please contact us via email: office@galitsyna-show.uk

We are happy to answer. 


The transmission takes place in real time. We suggest logging in to the broadcast on a laptop, computer with Google Chrome software and sharing the screen on a TV set.

We will provide the best possible quality to our show so You can fully enjoy the spectacle.


We wish You a pleasant time with us!


+44 7472 420 989
590 Kingston Road, London SW20 8DN
Company Number 12273762

Are you having issues with connection or streaming? Contact: office@galitsyna-show.uk

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